Prize of the spectators

We would like all the spectators to choose their favorite.
Every person with a ticket gets three voting coins. On the festival you can find boxes with the groups’ names on them, where you can drop the coins. The group or artist with the most coins will be awarded as “darling of the public”.


Batucada contest

"Regester now!°
"Regester now!°



Samba from Rio and Sao Paulo doesn’t only mean fast music or lightly clad women. It is the whole thing, which fascinates: the groups, the dance sections, the drummers, the music and also the song and the topic. We would like to start an attempt, to give a German audience an understanding of this for the very first time. In a friendly contest the subscribed Samba-groups will present themselves in front of a jury. Here the whole presentation is valued: costumes, song, dancers, flag and the performance of the group. This will take place at the main stage “Volksbank-Arena” on Saturday evening.

This contest is called “Desfile”. Further information will follow.