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The sponsors and supporters of „Cultura do Brasil – Samba-carnival in the Park“will appear here soon.





"Gartenschaupark" of Rietberg


The premises of the very successful State Garden Show of North-Rhine Westphalia in 2008 continue to be a giant playground for young and old, families and children. The park has not lost its appeal as a flower and garden paradise for each generation.


The entire park has been certified as barrier-free, in this way it is also accessible for handicapped people.


All in all the park offers recreational fun for everybody in a spectacular garden surrounding.

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KALANGO - mail order company of brazilian percussion instruments


We have been devoted to the world of African and Brazilian percussion instruments for over 30 years. During our numerous and diverse travels we were fascinated by the aesthetics, beauty and variety of typical drums, bells and rattles. Our passion for traditional and innovative music culture of Brazil finally end in the foundation of our mail order company for brazilian percussion instruments KALANGO in 2002.


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