Cultura do Brasil

Three days of carnival in summer. Three days of Samba, drums, dance, music and shows in the “Gartenschaupark"in Rietberg.

More than 30 Samba bands and their associated dancers from all over Europe will present their shows on three different stages in "Parkteil Nord", a former venue of the German "Landesgartenschau".

In addition to samba rythms you will also discover numerous other kinds of music which is performed in many Brazilian courtyards: mellow “Forró” with its accordion, groovy Samba-Reggae or “Pagode”, just to name a few. Till the wee hours you can join concerts and authentic disco atmosphere in the "Rundtheater Cultura".


Enjoy brazilian music and joy of living!

August 2017 - this is the time for summer, samba, music and mardi gras!

Rietberg, a center of mardi gras festivities among the river Ems will be celebrating its Second International Samba Festival from August 18th till 20th 2017. Our motto will be  “Cultura do Brasil" at the Samba Festival in the Park.A samba competition with percussion groups, dancers and many musicians in costume will transform the park into a musical suburb of Rio with their breathtaking perfomances on three stages.


After our motto "Roots" in 2016 we present to you in 2017:


"Pequenos Grupos" e artista solo

(small music groups and solo artists).


In addition, there will be a daily market of unlimited possibilities:


Arts and crafts and culinary delights from Rietberg to Rio!


Cultura do Brasil - Outdoor Stage
Cultura do Brasil - Outdoor Stage


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